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The phenomenon of human touch has made massage one of the most effective therapeutic, cosmetic and relaxation methods.


Head and Face massage


The head, neck and shoulder massage plays an important healing role. This massage is performed in a sitting position and lasts about 20 minutes. After this time the patient lies down on the table and we continue with another 20 minutes of head and face massage or it can be a prelude to a full body massage. 


According to Ayurveda, the head is a very important energy centre in the body. It is the seat of prana, the subtle energy that controls and enhances our senses, intelligence and above all the nervous system.


This massage restores balance in the body. It has an excellent effect on our psyche, calms and relaxes both mind and body. 

50 minutes - 53€

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Leg and foot massage. 

The leg and foot massage is based on the highly effective technique of Thai massage combined with Ayurvedic massage. The massage includes both legs and feet: the sole, the back of the foot, as well as the toes, ankles, calves and the knee area. It is particularly recommended for people who are exposed to excessive stress on their feet, such as physically active people, pregnant women and those who love to walk in high-heeled shoes.


  • improved functioning of the lymphatic and circulatory systems

  • reduction of leg swelling

  • relaxation of tense muscles of the feet and shins

  • elimination of the feeling of sore, heavy legs

  • improvement in well-being



  • Bacterial, viral (herpes) and fungal infections

  • disseminated skin lesions (eczema, blisters, ulcers)

  • allergy to ingredients of applied preparations

  • the first trimester of pregnancy

  • circulatory insufficiency, heart rhythm disorder

  • peripheral vascular diseases (atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, extensive varicose veins)

  • advanced osteoporosis

  • unregulated diabetes

  • unstable hypertension

  • acute inflammatory conditions

  • elevated body temperature

    40 minutes - 44€


Abhyanga Massage
Full body massage


Traditional Ayurvedic massage, including head and face massage and reflexology of feet and hands.

The treatment is designed to move the energy in the whole body and consequently its balance on three levels: physical, mental and spiritual.


Abhyanga massage stimulates the energy points, thus improving the functioning of all the system of the body, stimulates the circulation of body fluids, lymph and blood, and strengthens the immune system.



  • relaxes

  • allows to maintain beauty

  • restores the firmness of the body

  • restores the energy balance in the body

  • cleanses the body of toxins

  • increases mental efficiency and physical performance.

60 minutes - 71€
90 minutes - 90€

Japanese facial massage - KOBIDO

Facial massage is a 50 minute treatment for the décolletage, neck, face and head. It is a completely natural technique that improves your appearance, but also your mood and reduces stress. The massage consists of 4 parts: relaxation, lymphatic drainage, lifting and energy part. 


During the massage we work on the acupressure points of the face in order to balance the main internal organs. 


In addition, I use various stones for the massage, so that the skin on the face is even softer, more relaxed and you can notice a reduction in wrinkles 



  • The skin is visibly tightened and regenerated

  • Stimulates cell metabolism, which influences skin regeneration. 

  • Improves blood circulation and lymph flow, transporting more nutrients to the skin

  • Relieves excessive muscle tension in the face and neck 

  • Removes toxins, impurities and dead skin cells

  • Prevents premature aging of the skin

  • Strongly relaxes the whole body.

    60 minutes - 62€


Relaxation back massage 


The relaxing back massage is dedicated to people who are experiencing severe stress and want to relax after a difficult and busy day. The techniques in this massage are gentle, so that the person to whom the massage is dedicated can relax and rejuvenate. A relaxing back massage is part of preventative health care. It helps prevent painful conditions. Before each massage, I discuss with the patient which parts are most tense and where special attention should be paid during the treatment. 



  • strong relaxation

  • relaxation of tense muscles

  • reduction of muscle and joint pain

  • improved functioning of muscles and joints

45 minutes - 50

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