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''My work is my passion and vocation.
I treat each person who comes to me individually, as a separate story''. 


Psychologist, Consultant in dietetics according to

Ayurveda principles and Massage therapist

I am originally from Poland, but have been living in Berlin for several years.


In Poland, I completed my studies in clinical psychology.

During my studies I started to practice yoga, meditation and that's how I ended up at Ayurveda. This holistic approach to health and life interested me so much that I decided to complete my studies as an Ayurvedic consultant and combine this with psychology. As a result, I started consulting people who would like to start living healthily, change their lifestyle, but are not necessarily interested in a short-term diet. 


Ayurveda has a strong emphasis on massage therapies and thus my next life path as a massage therapist was born. I completed many Ayurvedic massage courses, but also a course in deep tissue massage, KOBIDO massage or foot reflexology. 


Each person to me, is a separate, individual story. I try to approach each person with tenderness and understanding, to listen to their needs and to be able to help them in the best possible way. 

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